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About Reach For The Stars Dog Training

Positive Dog Training

Hello there! My name is Amy, I am a Pro Dog Trainer, and I run Reach For The Stars Dog Training.  

I believe all of our dogs are out of this world, so why not reach for the stars when it comes to their training? It’s never too late to turn your struggles to strengths. Does perfect a recall, focus on you, or a calm dog sound alien to you? I’m here to tell you that with our games-based training, these realities are not galaxies away! So, let's gravitate towards optimism and blast off on your dog training journey! 


Work towards your dog owning dream!


Learn new ways to grow your dog's personality so they make better choices!

Concept Training

What even is this?

We work on building concepts with your dog that prepares them for real life. We train for the situation, rather than in the situation. We teach optimism, calmness, disengagement, flexibility, focus, grit, confidence and many more. We always work with the dog in front of us, so the concepts within your plan will depend on where your dog is at that moment, and your goals for the future. So let’s make your dog owning dream a reality, whether that’s a calm household, a speed of light recall, or less reactivity when out and about!  


Do you want...

Better recall?

Less lunging and barking?

Less pulling on lead?

Better listening?

More calmness?

Check Out Our Services

Here at Reach For The Stars Dog Training we offer both online and in person training, in the form of 1-2-1 sessions, groups and courses.

We don't just want to train dogs to perform tricks, we want to equip them with the skills needed to live in our world with us. 

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